Derek Sivers

Presentations → Berklee College of Music keynote

Length: 10 minutes. Date recorded: 2008-09

6 things I wish I knew the day I started Berklee. Lessons apply to other aspects of life, too.

My old school - Berklee College of Music - asked me to speak to a packed auditorium of first-day students. I was thrilled. I had so much to say. I had thought about this a lot. I had been waiting 20 years to give this talk.

The 6 things:

  1. Focus. Disconnect. Do not be distracted.
  2. Do not accept their speed limit.
  3. Nobody will teach you anything. You have to teach yourself.
  4. Learn from your heroes, not only theirs.
  5. Don't get stuck in the past.
  6. When done, be valuable.

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